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Earn Financial Rewards simply by getting the Services you need.
Compass is a free, independent service offered by your employer that provides cost information for common healthcare procedures and diagnostic tests in your area. By using cost-effective locations, you can help you and your employer avoid higher claims costs. In return we reward you with financial incentives. LEARN MORE>>
  • Do You Know?That the EXACT same MRI of the knee performed on the EXACT same piece of imaging equipment read by the EXACT same radiologist can cost over $1,500 more at locations only 2 miles apart? The only difference‚Ķwhere you parked your car.
  • Do You Know?That all it takes is a simple, 2-minute phone call or a few mouse clicks online and you could save thousands of dollars AND earn an incentive?
  • Do You Know?Over 93% of our members would recommend the service to friend?
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How It Works:
Shop with CompassCompass will provide information on cost-effective locations in your area that qualify for financial incentives. Choose Your LocationChoose where to have your medical procedure or test. Contact your doctor to schedule the appointment at the location of your choice. Get RewardedChoose a location identified by Compass and you automatically receive a reward incentive check in the mail.
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Why it Works

Participation is completely voluntary, confidential and hassle-free
We reward cost-effective choices
Cash incentives motivate employees to use our services
Employees have the freedom to choose any doctor
There is no limit to incentives, the more employees use the service the more they are rewarded and the more you save
Focuses on high-volume, elective procedures
Recent News
2.1.13 Compass welcomes Kentucky Employee Health Plan to the ChoiceRewards program
1.15.13 Compass surpasses 20,000 member shopping transactions
1.1.13 Compass welcomes Hosparus and Jones Plastic to the ChoiceRewards program